How Are We Handling the Zombie Invasion?

In response to a recent Scott Adams post with a thought experiment concerning the morality of going after the families of terrorists, I decided focus, ironically, on the practical side:

Thought experiment: suppose the world is under attack by mad zombies that are created by a horrible viral infection. Suppose that it’s possible to reverse the infection through slow, careful treatment on a case-by-case basis through great patience and expense. Suppose it’s also possible to just blow up the zombies safely from a distance with drone missiles. But whenever that is done within reach of non-infected people, there’s a good chance their infected blood will splash all over healthy people and turn several more into zombies.

Which approach would you take? Before you answer “nuke them all”, remember the end of the Return of the Living Dead, where that sort of f’em attitude only made the problem worse.

Founder of The Canonical Debate Lab

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