Right, that is the crux of the issue, and a pure debate-oriented site has this problem in spades. I hope to address this problem in a few ways:

  1. Make the summary so easy that anyone can get the gist in just a few seconds, like reading tweets
  2. Make it easily linkable (and searchable) so that any troll comment can just be countered with a simple link
  3. Here's the real challenge, and where it may fall flat: make it a household name, like Wikipedia, so that you can't really ignore it. It's hard to wiggle around with loose facts when a quick Google can show you're wrong.
  4. Given 3, no major news outlet or public pundit will be able to stay out of the fray and maintain an air of authority. As much as they'd like to skirt around the truth, an army of people will be ready with links to point out their flaws (and if they block comments, here's where rbutr can come in with links to their response)

Founder of The Canonical Debate Lab

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