Yes, I agree with everything you said here. However, I would like to point out that if you ignore those people, this actually is happening, and Trump is losing BADLY. He has only one 2 or 3 cases, and they're related to procedure, having absolutely no impact on the outcome. I think it's reasonable to question whether or not he's grasping at straws and hurting the country in the process. I both think he should have the right, and at the same time would NEVER do that to my country. Secondly, and this is bad for the Biden side (and IMHO, the country) think that people trust too much the courts to prove once and for all whether or not there was fraud. That's not what they do. They receive requests for relief from harm, decide whether or not the parties have a right to request that relief, then decide whether or not the evidence presented merits the relief requested. Although in this case, I think the charges of fraud are exaggerated, I also believe that the lawyers on the side of Trump have been incredibly inept (meaning, were there fraud, they would have failed the country), and that evidence of election fraud is REALLY hard to come by.

TL;DR: No, I don't think there was fraud. No, I don't think courts provide absolute proof of this negative. I REALLY hope we invest in better trust in 2021.

Founder of The Canonical Debate Lab

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